Infinity Chapel: Hospital Spiritual Retreat

Infinity Chapel

Interfaith Chapel & Meditation Space

The Infinity Chapel is the result of a close collaboration with the Hospital Spiritual Care Team, local artists, and fabricators. The interfaith chapel and meditation space are inclusive sacred spaces tucked in an active corridor of the hospital, “spaces to nourish and support the spiritual well-being” of the hospital community, including staff, patients, and families. The spaces provide respite to those needing a space to reflect, to pray, or to gather in fellowship.

The architecture was carefully conceived in form and in detail. Through breaking geometry along the edges, or adding seams of light, the extension of space is felt. Materials consist of warm woods, and textured earthen plaster, and are accented with handcrafted furniture, art, and musical instruments that bring the space to life. The lighting is highly adjustable and largely concealed, allowing for the space to glow, and important objects to become focal points.