Peace House Donor Wall: Tranquil Art Installation

Peace House Donor Wall

Permanent Installation

The Peace House donor wall is composed of two thin, translucent skins that gently undulate and have a presence akin to a soft moon. The curving geometry suggests an open embrace and supports a position of repose. The installation is intended to evoke a feeling of calmness, and is open to the interpretation of the Peace House clients and visitors. The hand-crafted surfaces are made of mulberry paper, impregnated with a durable resin and supported by a steel framework. The names of Peace House contributors are back-lit and the shadows are cast onto the back of the surface in cascading vertical rows.

The Peace House Thrive Wall is a simplified and reversed version of the suspended cast paper wall and was used as a slump mold for the cast paper scrim. The background surface is a natural hand-crafted, lightly textured lime plaster surface onto which steel names are pinned. The two installations are complementary, and contribute to an overall environment of healing, hope, peace, and support.